How to recreate Windows profile

Posted by daro on December 16, 2015


Sometimes you just have to recreate Windows profile

Lets say you have a profile called Bob and you have to refresh it. On most Windows 7/8 systems it is located in “C:\Users\Bob”

1. Rename the user’s profile folder to Bob.old In order to do this user Bob has to be logged off. Otherwise you’ll get an error stating that the files are in use.

2. Logged in as an admin, go to Control Panel, User Accounts, Manage User Accounts. Domain accounts show there after an initial login.

3. Delete the account for Bob

4. Open regedit and make sure that the user is no longer in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. Delete it if present, even if it is followed by “.bak”.

5. Reboot machine. Login as the user. This will create a fresh spanking new profile.

6. Login as admin. Copy contents of (or the files that you really need) “C:\Users\Bob.old” to “C:\Users\Bob” replacing existing ones.

Do not copy the following files from old profile into the new profile:

7. Let Bob log back in and praise you as company’s IT Guru!

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