Citrix Receiver – The profile for the user is a temporary profile

Posted by daro on August 28, 2014
Citrix, Windows



Citrix Receiver giving you grief? This should help.

When the below error comes up – don’t sweat. There is a quick registry fix that should do the trick and get this application installed in no time.

citrix temp profile

Even though user may not be logged in on a temporary profile, if there are .bak registry keys in ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList’ citrix may throw up the “the profile for the user is a temporary profile” error while trying to install it. To solve just delete of rename subkeys that end with .bak As with all registry changes please remember to export it first so you can always go back if something goes sideways.

To find out which subkey relates to a specific profile, expand it and look for ProfileImagePath registry entry that points to the original profile folder of the user.

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