How to search large network shares

Posted by daro on June 05, 2014
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network shares

Searching large network shares might be slow, but there is a better way!

I’ve recently came across interesting challenge of finding one particular document among thousands  of others spread across multiple folders. Windows search function wasn’t up to the task, could not find anything and because it was a network storage – it was painfully slow. So I remembered a command that I’ve seen on some blog that exports file names along with its path to a simple text file. There comes quick solution for how to search network shares. If your drive is mapped as S: do ‘cd S:’ and the command is:

dir /a /b /-p /o:gen /s > OutputFile.txt

So I opened up this file in a notepad, CTRL+F, entered search string and bam! There it was. Works miraculously! Sometimes simplest solutions are the best.