Recover files hidden by Downloader.Dromedan

Posted by daro on March 11, 2016
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win7logoApart from other harmful actions Downloader.Dromedan can transfer itself to your USB storage device to aid in replication of itself when you plug it in to another device, and make it look like all the files are gone. Don’t panic! In most cases they are still there but are just hidden and you can still Recover files hidden by Downloader.Dromedan. First of all make sure that infection is gone completely from your system. There are multiple articles on the web on how to do this and this is not the topic for this one.

To recover your files open up an elevated command prompt and if your USB drive letter is F do:



Above command will remove system, hidden, archive and read-only file attributes from all files and folders on your drive, making them accessible to you again. After this you should be able to see folder with no name on your drive with all the files. There you go. If this article helped you, you can help me as well by clicking on one of the ads on my site if you don’t have ad blocking software installed into your browser.